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Happy Families

"My little girl that I got from you is the best!  She is so beautiful and smart!  We are so in love...Thank you!!" —Diors family 

"My son is absolutely in love! He keeps saying "my life is changing. I have a brother!" We are heard over heels for him!" —Easton's family 

"She is so amazing!!  Thank you so much for completing our family!!" —Ashlyns family 

"Just checking in and letting you know that Gus is doing great!  Our vet is so impressed with the quality and health of him!  Thanks again for our sweet boy!!"

—Gus's family 

"Just met the nanny with cosmo and he is everything we had hoped for and more!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  It was a little scary waiting for him to arrive but we couldn't be happier!!!"  —Cosmo's family 

"Jayden is the most lovable and mild-mannered Frenchie ever! He loves car rides and is so good with the kids not to mention potty training was a breeze with him!  Thank you for blessing our family with Jayden."

Jaydens family 

"Thank you for allowing us to adopt one of your puppies!  Trinity has made a huge impact and added lots of brightness to our family in this very trying time! Thank you so much!!"  —Trinity's family 

"Thank you for going above and beyond with helping us get our baby boy to his new home before the holidays despite the trying times and the craziness!!   We couldn't be happier with him and the nanny that you hire to deliver your puppies!!"  —Cecil's family 

"Thank you so much for microchipping your puppies before they go home! We recently had Billy stolen from our yard in broad daylight!  He was found safe and sound 48 hours later, brought to a vet clinic 8 hours away from our home, and because he was microchipped already when we got him, they were able to locate us so that we could reunite with him!  I would never have thought to get him microchipped so young if it had been up to me so again thank you for caring for your puppies enough to make sure that they will always be safe and able to find their forever home back again! —Billy's family 

"I just got to tell you your little Beau sure has got a very strong, and grown-up personality. He thinks he's such a big boy. Does his mom or dad have that kind of personality? He sure is such a very, very smart boy. He is totally potty trained. He's so alert and pays attention to everything around him. My husband and I love him so very much, and so do our other 2 dogs. We are so happy we found him! Thank you again for such a precious little soul."  —Beau's family 

"Hello! I just wanted to share some pictures of little Miss Rosa!" Her personality is amazing and she sleeps in the funniest positions. We joke she can fall asleep in seconds and start snoring louder than my husband! Rosa is a wonderful addition to our family and quite spoiled.♥" —Rosa's family 

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